Stuck in a job that doesn't satisfy you?

Makro Mikro offers you a job as a Medical Assistant in Germany






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Makro Mikro

We recruit and provide language training for nurses who want to work in Germany.
For more than 12 years we have recruited more than 1400 Nurses and employed them in private clinics in all German cities.

1400 Employed Nurses

800 Medical institutions, partners

1600 Cities where you can work

12 Recruitment Consultants

Why choose us?

Makro Mikro organises online courses exclusively for Nurses wishing to work in Germany

German language courses

We offer free German language courses from beginner to advanced B2 level.

Permanent employment contract

Because we care about you, we offer you the security of a permanent job right from the start, between you and the employer.

Health insurance

You benefit from health insurance from the first day of work, with the same rights as German citizens.

Professional recognition

We cover the full cost of obtaining professional recognition so you can focus on learning and employment.

ZERO Charges

We do not charge any commission for our services and there are no hidden costs in working with us.

Support & Consultancy

Throughout your collaboration with us you benefit from the support of our team, because we are the best certified company and we offer you the most comprehensive employment program.

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Choosing the country where you will work is not easy. We are here for you, to give you support and guidance so that you make the right decision.

Once you have decided that you want to work in Germany, take enough time to learn German and we will support you to get professional recognition.
As soon as you receive confirmation that you have been accepted at a medical institution in Germany, we make all the necessary arrangements for your integration in Germany together.

If you’re looking to make a career change and are considering relocating or relocating to another employer, we’re here to help you find the best deal.

Ce spun cursanții noștri

I chose to work with MakroMikro on the recommendation of my colleagues, who had already worked with the company, and the constant communication and support provided reinforced my conviction that I had made the right choice. I discovered that you can work as a General Medical Assistant with pleasure, in specialised medical institutions, with state-of-the-art technology, without just doing your job out of obligation.
I integrated very easily, thanks to the fact that I didn't feel alone for a second, I had a serious company behind me both during the German language course and after starting the job, which I could always rely on. I have a pleasant workplace with great colleagues, where I can do my job with pleasure!
I chose to work with MakroMikro because I wanted a career as a General Medical Assistant in Germany. I always wanted to work in a friendly place and with this collaboration I got where I wanted to be. The colleagues are very friendly, understanding and always with a smile on their face.